LighterLife clients shed 80,000 stone in 2009

Author: Belinda Hooke   Posted: 04/01/10

LighterLife - industry leader in weight loss and weight management - has revealed it has helped people in the UK and Ireland shed more than 80,000 stone in just one year.

It would have been hard to have made it through 2009 without hearing about the growing obesity crisis in the UK, however, up and down the country, LighterLife clients have lost an amazing 80,669 stone - equivalent to the weight of 51 London buses.

From all walks of life, clients who have lost weight have said that LighterLife has changed their lives for the better.

With 2010 just around the corner LighterLife is planning to show even more people how they can lose weight and turn their lives around in the New Year. In just 12 months LighterLife clients have changed their lives beyond recognition and have gone from struggling to walk or run to taking part in cycle rides, running the marathon, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, taking up dance classes, holidaying abroad for the first time, changing careers or simply just playing with their children.

Sara Jamison, CEO LighterLife commented: "We are delighted that this year, like the last 13 years, we have been able to help so many people lose weight, maintain their weight loss and lead healthier and happier lives. Every day we hear about so many inspirational weight loss success stories from clients who have a new lease of life after losing weight with LighterLife. All of our clients have their own unique weight-loss journey whether they have 3 stone or 15 stone to lose. We are looking forward to 2010 and offering even more people who are struggling with their weight a real and lasting solution."

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