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1st March

another 3.5lb off this week which takes me to 23lb in 5 weeks. I feel a bit off today headache, painful tummy, bloated but it is the totm and only my second day in which is normally the worst. I didn't however get all the normal cravings, mood swings and tearfulness that I usually get in the week before I started so that was a huge bonus. Everyone at work is so encouraging and my best friend is really helping me along. I feel really lucky that everyone understands why I'm doing it. Unfortunately 2 girls dropped out of our class this week because they weren't getting the support from their husbands so that was quite sad. Still Sadie and I are sticking it out. :-)

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  1. Well done

    Well done you, you're doing amazingly well. So pleased you're getting lots of support it really does help. We've had people drop out too, I think you really have to be in the right 'head' place to do this. I too haven't suffered with the usual totm mood swings, which is brilliant. Keep going, I'm right there with you. Jo x
    Posted: 02/03/2012 12:08 By: Jopigegiz