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Aerobics with crèche today !!,

Last week 2 mums was talking about a aerobics class in my area that had a crèche attached to it, very handy with a 15 month old son,and even better as it was in the morning when my 4 year old is at nursery. They both said that they were going to go to it, and I made the decision that I would go anyway. Well today was my first time of going, and surprise surprise those 2 other mums never turned up. I had a really great time, met some new people, and even though my son cried the entire hour in the crèche, I have vowed that I will not be put off and am going to go every week. It made me laugh as the class is a mix of mums and old ladies.and they certainly gave me a run for my money, the fittest oap's around and I found this class tougher than the hour long Zumba I go to LOL. I am so glad that by doing LL I am challenging myself more as I would never have done that before, like the other 2 mums I would make up some lame excuse and have not turned up. Well it's their loss as I am going to have buns of steel by the summer ha ha.

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