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Week 1 and i'm off and running... errr limping!

So, I am coming to the end of my first week. Had my stop in appointment yesterday and swapped some packs around. I didn't realise i would get weighed and checked to see if i was in Ketosis and had a bit of a panic about it for some reason. I don't know why, i haven't lapsed or anything. I guess i am just used to failing at diets and so i automatically think i am going to be found out. Fortunately all is well and i am on my way. I need to find a way of monitoring my water intake because I have been advised that it is contributing to my headaches and showing up on the stick that i may be dehydrating my body a bit. I am surprised that i haven't felt any hunger pains at all and i haven't had any cravings either. Maybe my brain actually is in gear and wants to make a success of this but i can't quite believe it. I am so used to telling myself that it is hopeless, I am hopeless. I need to reframe my inner dialogue. I think I am going to mention that at group next week. Still, other than that, all is well. I am not struggling with being around food, shopping or cooking which i thought i would. In fact, i feel quite liberated at the moment. There is a certain sense of freedom that comes from not having make a choice about what food to put in your mouth. Yay me!

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