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I started Lighterlife Total on Saturday 11th Febuary 2012 at 19st 5lbs size 22. At my lowest point ever i decided enough was enough. I have to change my whole life forever for ME!
I am lucky I have total support from my Husband, eldest son and my parents. I have told 2 work friends and my best friend but i truly dont want no one else to know what im doing.
My journey WILL be the most imprtant of my life and i will see it through and continue for the rest of my life.


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Bought my wedding outfit!!

So returned from a weekend i Burnham-On-Sea yesterday. Thought that as the caravan nearly took off during the night, another night there may be dangeous! Was an ok wekend kids had loads of fun which is the main thing and as it was my 12 year olds rugby tour practically the whole of our village was there with all the other age groups so familiar faces everywhere. Got there fiday lunch time and met in the bar where i ordered a soda water and sat with the family and friends and added my range mix. I can honestly say i never felt happier. One of the guys there and his wife were ordering food, they have 6 kids, so their bill was enormous all i kept thinking was how much money i have and will save as we brought food and didnt eat out once. Kids are happy with mums packed lunches and cooked meals (they never eat food in restaurants anyway). So organised that i am on holiday all meals were cooked and no one had to ask me when dinner was ready it was all done for them. Glad to come home been freezing since we got there. Went out with my sis in law to be and my mum today to buy things for the hen weekend and found a gorgeous red dress (which is my fave colour) and stunnung shoes to match. Dress was in the sale at £16 so had to get it it was a 14!! I mean 14 yes i will be in that for the wedding party in October and cannot wait. I just put it away for now and will try it on in a few months!!

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  1. i'm hoping!!

    Would love to say that it will fit by october as im an 18 now but you never now lol! x
    Posted: 03/05/2012 16:48 By: kirstylou81
  2. Keep trying on!!!

    Keep trying that lovely red dress on - wouldn't want it to be TOO BIG eh? !!! lol x
    Posted: 30/04/2012 23:30 By: way2big