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I've been on LLLite for the last 12 weeks? yes i think its that now and i've managed to lose almost 2.5 stone. this is mainly aided by gym and swimming. when i've cheated which is more apparent of late than in the first 6 weeks, it's been extra protein which i know is wrong but i'm rationalising it by saying although it isn't great, i didn't return to my old ways of a big bottle of red wine, a chinese and gorging myself on anything that's completely off the plan........ so i'm learning. i hope that learning will continue throughout the entire course of the plan. it's great to get into clothes you haven't fit into for ages. it's great when people make comments on how well you look because the confidence boost really does make a difference. working in a hostel has it's downside. you're serving food and around food you cannot have so i've decided on my week off this week (yay!) to put together some small statements and laminate the card and carry it around in my wallet to reference when i'm feeling weak...... i'm getting weighed again tonight so i hope that this week the loss will be more like pounds than ounces of last week. i'm travelling down to surrey to see my family at the beginning of march and i would like to try and break the beloved 13 stone barrier by then. i will feel so much better about myself i'm sure....... drink more water and commit to more exercise too! end blog

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  1. you're only human

    the good thing is that you recognise what you have to do and haven't gone on a 'go for broke' binge! There is hope for you yet LOL x

    Posted: 25/03/2012 15:18 By: reesi