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Doctor's hug

Went to see my lovely GP who is female to get my bp taken for ll, she said I looked good and understood all about ketosis and our journey, as she recently completed a similar programme, ah I was so touched, I asked for a hug.... I felt all warm and so positive. Also found a great mouth spray only ONE pound!!!! As my breath is seriously sewer smelly, how bad is that!?!?! hope everyone feeling good
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  1. Big hugs from me to

    Good to see your face on hear again, who cares if we stink wear gona look fab xxx
    Posted: 03/04/2012 20:09 By: allyt
  2. Doctor's hug

    Ah thats lovely, makes a nice change doesn't it? x
    Posted: 03/04/2012 19:36 By: JL1
  3. hi

    ahhh thats so sweet!! not your breath lol your doc!!! x
    Posted: 03/04/2012 19:32 By: martini72