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8lbs weight loss after week 1!

Im not sure how I feel about my weigh in tonight, got weighed on saturday and had lost 7lbs and now ive only lost a further 1lb since then, which is a bit disappointing! This is where I need to change my mind set and remember that 8lbs is a great weight loss for one week and give myself some credit. Im just petrified that my weight loss will only be 2lbs per week here on in. Is this what I should expect on lite? Any advice would be great. Still pondering over other diets where you can loose 2lbs a week and still eat! Thanks x

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  1. Hmmmm let see how this is this time around

    Well I stood on the scales and by god did I have a shock after having my son 5months ago weighing in at a shocking11 stone which is heavy for me I lost. Stone and a half 2 years ago and kept it off for a year and I felt great about my self now standing on the scales my mind is sent so different this time around as I know the first week u have a good weigh in cause of ur excess in water :-( so hopefully I'll have good weigh ins I just so need to set my mind and tell myself I DONT need chocolate even if hubby is sitting informs of me eating it :-( x hope everyone else on here does good cause this diet works :-)
    Posted: 18/05/2012 13:13 By: Gottabeslim27
  2. 8 lbs loss after week one

    This is a fantatsic weight loss but I know what you mean I was disappointed with my first week's loss ONLY becasue someone in our group lost 16lbs !!! I had to give myself a real talking to and low and behold the second week I had lost over a stone in total ( the girl who lost 16 lbs only lost 4 this week) - you have to account for everyone is different and their lifestyles are different.
    But please stick with it I can assure you there is not another diet plan that gives it's members such support through the group sessions. Look at it this way LL is probably the only diet where you are guaranteed to loose every week ( if you stick to it) on WW I would regularly gain 1lb or stay the same- so even if it is 2lbs a weeks ( which it won't be ) it's still a loss.
    Keep with it we are all with you and here for you
    Posted: 30/04/2012 08:11 By: Emerald57
  3. its 9lbs off

    Hi I had my midway weigh in last saturday and was on a high as i had lost 10lbs then weighed in tuesday only 1lb i know how you feel but then on reflection i added it together and thought its 11lbs 3 away from a stone i have done many a diet but never had suc results stay motivated and focus on the small milestones as it all adds up.
    Good luck this week.
    Posted: 11/03/2012 17:11 By: thelmak
  4. The difference is....

    .....on any other diet, even if you lost 2lbs a week, you wouldn't be addressing the reasons for being overweight in the first place.
    Counselling is the biggest part of doing LL.
    Not sure about what LL say you can lose on Lite as I only did Total but you've made a great start. x
    Posted: 06/03/2012 16:45 By: supergran