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Hiya all, im Laura, im 31 mummy of 2 (boy and a girl) i would like to lose 6stone in total.
this is the first thing i have done completely for myself since i have had my children. i am looking forward to the challenge and will hopefully make some good friends in the process.
onwards and definitely downwards xxx

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wk 5 WI

ive lost 2lb this week and im gutted tbh. ive lost 20lbs in 5weeks and yeah its good but its not as good as it could be. i dont know what im doing wrong, im sticking to the plan completely. maybe after this week i'll have week with no bars??? im feeling bit sorry for myself as ive been ill with this ear infection and ive been put on antibiotics too now. i cant keep paying all this money to lose 2lb a week, i'll b on it forever :(((

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  1. thank you

    thanks Weasey :) appreciate ur comment and ur prob right
    :) my hubby reckons i need to try and start some exercise when i feel better, so hopefully tht will make me feel happier about things xx
    Posted: 04/05/2012 16:29 By: laura26
  2. 20lbs

    You've lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks! That's fantastic! What other diet would have allowed you to do that?! Celebrate what you have achieved. Lower loss weeks happen to all of us now and again - but it all comes off in the end. You could have water retention or constipation - which can affect the results on the scales but not the fat loss. Also, I have noticed that if I'm ill I lose less weight than usual - perhaps it'ss your body's reaction to that.
    Posted: 03/05/2012 00:04 By: weasey