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week 3 (8)

Again with the disappointment this week...only a 2 pound loss. I tried my best to do everything my counsellor recommended but to no avail! before i went to my meeting I measured the amount of water I am drinking so that I could see for sure if it was enough. Turns out I am drinking between 5 and 6 litres a day! This is a lot more than I thought. When I told my counsellor this she looked at me in shock and said that she thought this was too much...she was surprised I wasn't feeling faint. (To be honest, I feel a little light headed every time I stand up). I think she felt awful because she has been urging me to drink more water for a couple of weeks and now I am overdoing it. So, the lack of weight loss is definitely not down to lack of water! After doing some research on the internet (something I try hard not to do most of the time) I think I have an answer. Although my counsellor claims that plateaus don't happen on LL I think I have managed to hit one. I have lost a lot of weight in a short time (31 pounds in 7 weeks) and I gather that when you do this it is possible for your body to get behind in the task of shrinking the unneeded fat cells. Apparently when a fat cell's fat store is used up the body usually shrinks it (it can take some time for these cells to die off but in the meantime they are shrunken, flat and skinny, waiting for fat to be stored in them again). Because I have lost a lot of weight quickly my body hasn't gotten around to shrinking all my empty cells yet. So while I wait for it to catch up with this task my body will automatically store water and salt in these cells. This saline solution weighs more than fat so for a time my weight will plateau but it is hiding an actual weight loss. This theory works with reality as I have definitely upped my salt intake since switching to LL and I have lost significant centimetres in the last two weeks despite seemingly disappointing weight loss. 10 cms gone from my hips, 6 from my waist, and 6 from my chest. So I MUST be losing weight even though the scales don't say so. The good news is that this cell shrinking catch up will not take forever and in a couple weeks I should start seeing the difference in the scales, too. short: phew! Commencing Week 1: 19st 2 Commencing Week 8: 16st 13
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