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Week 1: 9.5lbs, Week 1 : 9.00 lbs
Week 2: 4.8lbs
Week 3: 3.7lbs
Week 4: 4.0lbs
Week 5: 3.1lbs
Week 6: 4.2lbs
Week 7: 4.0lbs
Week 8: 3.3lbs
Week 9: 4.4lbs
Week 10: 0.6lbs!!!
Week 11: 3.1lbs
Week 12: 3.1lbs
Week 13: 2lbs
Week 14: 3.1lbs

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day 17

Well I'm still with the plan and some days are harder than others. I'm finding the counselling sessions invaluable. i am learning so much about what makes me over eat. I seem to get really wound up at work and then that triggers the need to come home and feed myself. Just realised why - I feel like everybodies lap dog at work and having made the resolution to learn to say no, I now need to put that in action and get some self worth back. It may be that in the future I need to look at my working life and re-evaluate. Who knows may be another job a change of scenery is what i need. Just don't need this hassle and to be wound up every day when I go home. I am really naughty though and have been weighing myself every day and to be honest so far I have lost every day maybe only .5lb but it's a loss and sooooo motivating. One really strange thing is that my cravings are changing who would have thought that I would yearn for a piece of fruit or a nice crisp salad!! Ah well off to work - my challenge for today will keep calm and breath!!!

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