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Week 1

Well I have almost made it to my first week weigh in! Has been a difficult start day 1 surrounded by 10 friends tucking into tasty food while I sat there sipping my black earl grey having scared the woman by getting all princessy and more or less screaming after her "no lemon...." I have found already that a lot of my eating comes from boredom or comfort eating which I think is a good thing to know first week. Makes me excited about what else I can discover and hopefully banish over the course of my journey! The second day was the hardest for me but I did not give up and by the end of my third day was in ketosis with a 4lb weight loss to show for it woohoo! Really getting into the swing of things now and have found I quite enjoy the majority of the food packs, just don't ask about the aspargus one even the smell was making my stomach churn. I feel quite on edge about my weigh in tonight but hopefully there will be another movement, I do find it a little sad that some people get such big movements in the first couple of weeks as I also have a LOT of weight to shift and think I may be more of the slow and steady kinda girl! Therefore I am going to try not to focus too much on the movement and more on the fact I already feel better and this is just week 1!

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