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Happily married mum of 2, love my family, my dog, my life! I want it to last!!! So I am on my journey and I am looking forward to the end x

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Day 9

Today I have been great, really into it now. I am not hungry, I am finding distractions, today had my pasta and bar at tea time together, the bar took ages as I was stuffed! So this is good. Sneakily weighed myself this morning, I am at a stone loss on my scales which is immense! It is first thing and naked. So a pound or two onto the ll scales. But really happy. And I am happy to weigh myself everyday as it is day by day melting away and this is really really keeping me going. When I do have a loss, I tell my husband straight away and the whole house cheers! Bless them, that is my hubby and boys. So all in all good, and hoping this journey is going to be as smooth as day 9, but I highly suspect tyre will be ups and downs. But I am proud of this up! Hurray! One happy bunny x

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