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Round 2

Evening all, Almost two years to the day I have started back on LLT. In 2010 I lost over 4 stone in 8 weeks on this very effective plan. From that I went onto run the Great North Run, triathlons and resumed playing rugby. It was a life changing event loosing that weight and it made me very happy. However, in November 2010 I smashed my leg playing rugby resulting in a metal plate and lots of pins in my leg. Not being able to exercise and feeling pretty sorry for myself I found my old friends Red wine and cheese. You guest it, back came the weight. So I've decided I only want to look and feel the way I did at 16 1/2 stone at that means doing the programme again. I'm on day 4 and gone through the normal tough days but looking forward to that first weigh in! It was fun reading my old posts and seeing what a journey this really is. Well done to all you guys who have taken the decision to change yourselves, take it from me, you'll feel amazing when you get to the end of the programme!!! Have a good one Ben

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  1. Good luck for round 2!

    Sounds like your ready to give it a go again, amazing weight loss first time, good luck!!
    Posted: 11/05/2012 12:24 By: Debssilv
  2. Round 2

    Hi Ben, sounds like you were having a great time until you smashed your leg, how unfortunate for you. Well you sound determined to get backk there again and I wish you lots of luck. Hope you get a great first weigh in and keep us all posted. Jill
    Posted: 14/04/2012 11:41 By: JL1