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DAY 32

I'm not as good at posting as I'd hoped but actually in some ways this shows I'm getting used to the plan and it is becoming part of the daily life. I lost 2 pounds, then four pounds so six in the last couple of weeks and 17.5 in total, 3 more to go and I'll have lost just over a stone and a half! Am really pleased with that and determined this time. Got to keep going! Had a test yesterday when we went out with friends, managed to stick to sparkling water and a coffee though and very proud of myself however tempted I was! Going on holiday in two weeks and I can't wait! I have a work lunch on Friday but I've told them I'm doing the plan so they can eat around me. I have decided though that I won't stick 100% to the plan when away, I prefer to plan so at least then I won't beat myself up about it. This is a long term lifestyle change for me not just a quick fix and I have to make my own decisions about when is the right time to eat, or not. Life is for living, and I want to live it thinner, but if I have one week of salads/food, will try and stay away from carbs, then so be it. I will be straight back on the plan. Hoping to lose at least 3/4 pounds over the next week and same the week after.

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  1. option

    One option when you're away would be to stick to lighter life lite - so 3 packs and one protein rich meal a day. It may be worth chatting to your LLC about the rules and then you could decide. It might be that it gives you enough freedom whilst keeping you on the diet. Whatever you decide I hope you have a great holiday!
    Posted: 12/02/2012 17:28 By: weasey