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2 Years On

I just thought I would catch up with all you LL folks to let you know that it does work and keeps working. Whilst I have had a bit of a rollercoaster in my life over the past 18 months with relationships and work life. I am still a size 10. I am about 5-6lbs heavier than my last blog in 2010 and whilst this isnt a lot, its amazing when you are slimmer how you notice the weight and want to nip it in the bud. I have continued to go to my monthly meetings with my counsellor as I knew this would be a life journey for me and not a quick fix. I went back on lite last week and lost 4.5lbs straight away as I just needed to re-focus on me and straight away, every thing I learned has popped back ingto my conscious so I cant ignore it. I feel great and am still so glad that I chose Lighter Life. Sending everyone Lighter thoughts xxx

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  1. Wonderful!

    Thank you so much for your diary entry! I have maintained my weight loss now for 6 months and it is wonderful to hear from people like you, such inspiration! I'm also happy to read you still go to group monthly. I have continued to go, but have felt going every week was not necessary so have decided to go on a monthly basis. LL has been the best journey I have undertaken and I have stuck within about 4lbs of my end of RTM weight, but hearing from people like you just makes me feel I am not alone and CAN keep it off! Thank you so much and enjoy it, you worked for it!
    Posted: 27/03/2012 16:25 By: janie2
  2. Thanks

    I just want to say thanks so much for all your lovely comments and words. Makes it all worth while when you know you can keep it off. It isn't easy and sometimes you can go a little off track when life gets in the way but if I can offer one piece of advice it would be this........

    When you finish Route To Management, stay committed and still go to your group once a month. There will be times when you dont want to go, there will be times when you may have made not the best choices and may weigh a little heavier, but to keep going just for that hour and a half once a month keeps your focused on the fact that you have to manage this.

    If, like me you are a foody and have battled weight most of your life, short of a gstric band, you cant think that once you have lost it that it wont come back because believe me it does if you slip into old habits.

    Lisa (my counsellor) knows that she is stuck with me and always having her there has been a big part of what has helped me stay away from slipping back into a size 18.

    2 years ago, I never thought I would be writing something like this as I was so skeptical but IT DOES WORK !

    Sending lots of lovely lighter thoughts and can't wait to see how people are doing xxx
    Posted: 23/02/2012 15:36 By: nickieb32
  3. Thank you!!!

    This is the first post like this I've read since I started in June!! Thank you for proving to me that I too can keep the weight off after RTM!!! Such an inspiration and hope I can do just as well as you!!! Chris x
    Posted: 20/02/2012 16:35 By: way2big
  4. GREAT!

    Well done for doing so great and thanks for posting so we can see how you have done since reaching your goal.
    Posted: 20/02/2012 15:31 By: JL1
  5. Thanks

    It's really great to hear this. I'm just starting out and you always wonder about the long term. It's great to see you've kept it going Dx
    Posted: 20/02/2012 15:14 By:
  6. I LOVE THIS!!!!!

    Oh my god I want to firstly say THANK YOU for posting this, i'm almost at the end of total and will soon be doing RTM and reading things like this is fab just fab I can't wait for this to be me! Congratulations - you are a true inspiration xxxxxxxx
    Posted: 20/02/2012 14:30 By: lorna14
  7. Fantastic

    well done ..... i'm at the begining of my journey, and its great to hear a reall sucess story look Fab
    Posted: 20/02/2012 13:16 By: tracieb7936