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Oh no!!! weekend all went horribly wrong!!

I'm sooo angry with myself!!...had to go away with work at the weekend and i soo angry with myself, and the stupid thing is that i knew even before i lapsed that if i eat this im gonna feel rubbish with myself, and i still did it! I went to the gym this morning, my penance...i also know that come wednesday when i stand on that scale and ive not lost anything, or worse still have put on, im gonna feel like rubbish all over again...It was so not worth it!!!!!

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  1. Thanks

    Ah thank you, it has been a lesson learned, and im back on track now, this web site and its forum and discussion board really help...and my little baby is 3yrs old now!...why does the time go!
    Posted: 13/03/2012 13:37 By: liz pignone
  2. Oh no!!! weekend all went horribly wrong!!

    Hi, at least you are getting back on track now before it gets any worse and it sounds like you have learned by this lapse. You will be ok once the first few days are over again. I have so say also thats a very cute baby!
    Posted: 12/03/2012 19:02 By: JL1