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Image x Vision = Reality!!!!!!!

Yes finally got there and started RTM on Saturday, so very, very pleased and proud!!!!
Now the hard work,starts..........


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Nearly finished RTM

So been on RTM for some weeks, only have about 4 packs left and then it's all conventional food. Some days are good and some days are terrible but trying to learn all the time. I know alcohol affects me as I can't stop,eating when I have had a drink, literally don't know when to stop. This is something I need to remember and take account of admit could be my big downfall. Had a couple of weekends away and I know I've eaten far too much on those weekends and while I have put on a few pounds it's not too drastic at moment. However pounds go on easily but take ages to come off. Still going to gym so that helps and I really enjoy it. Anyway onwards and upwards, it's all a learning curve and I am determined NEVER to be FAT AGAIN!!!!!

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  1. management

    well done, its good to read someone being so realistic and positive, it sounds like you have yourself sussed out so you should be fine, enjoy your new slim life xx
    Posted: 20/04/2012 09:43 By: blodwin