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Day 11

Day 11 of LL and feeling so dreadful. Probably little to do with diet, just had a horribly over-emotional day. Trying to keep positive but it is just so difficult. Haven't been able to stop crying all day! Have had a couple of (not too bad) lapses this week (I know I'm not even far in) - sticking to protein so I didn't come out of ketosis - not even worth lapsing for then really I suppose! Trying not to beat myself up and putting it down to Easter and trying to keep my eye on the ball from now on. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter xx

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  1. hiya

    hey babe,
    ive been so emotional too. before my husband went to work i was an emotional wreck, got myself into such a state. kids were annoying me and house a mess coz ive been at work all weekend and itm was like someone flicked a switch and i couldnt stop crying. so ur really not alone. u know where i am if u need me and we'll have a good chat on wed.
    Laura xxx
    Posted: 10/04/2012 14:13 By: laura26
  2. Hi

    The main thing is you're sticking with it so well done. Have you tried to look at what's making you emotional? Is it f**d related or something else? I know when I feel like this I re-read my letter to myself I wrote at the start of LL to help reaffirm why I'm on this journey. I found Easter really difficult as I was off work for 10 days out of my routine but it's been an important lesson to me about my triggers. Try looking at how you were feeling before you lapsed and see if you can identify any triggers. As I said, the important thing is you're sticking with it. Good luck with your journey Denise x
    Posted: 10/04/2012 09:12 By: wavydenise