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I live on a farm between Newbury and Basingstoke in a mobile home on top of a hill. I have two great sons, aged 19 and 26. They live with their father in Surrey. My partner of nearly 5 years is a builder who loves the outdoor life. We go camping and fishing when we can and have 6 ferrets for rabbiting and two gun dogs. We also have an 'indoor' dog, my beloved Alfie, a Westie. I work as an administrator during the week and have recently taken a second job as a domicillary care worker at the weekends. Update 29/4/12: Training all completed and am now ready to go out on my own!

Week1 + 2 days -13lbs,
week2 -9lbs, week3 -5lbs, week4 -3lbs, week5 -4lbs,
week6 -5lbs, week7 -5lbs, week8 -3lbs, week9 -6lbs,
week10 -4lbs, week11 -1lb, week12 -4lbs, week13 -5lbs,
week14 -4lbs, week15 -4lbs, week16 -3lbs, week17 -4lbs,
week18 -1lb, week19 -5lbs, week20 -3lbs, week21 -2lbs,
week22 -2lbs, week23 -7lbs, week24 -2lbs, week25 -4lbs,
week26 -2lbs, weeks27 & 28 -6lbs, week29 -2lbs,
week30 -5lbs, week31 -2lbs, week32 -1lb, week33 -5lbs,
week34 -4lbs, week35 -1lb

(36)week1 0lbs, (37)week2 -4lbs, (38)week3 -1lb,
(39)week4 -2lbs, (40)week5 -3lbs, (41)week6 -1lb,
(42)week7 +7lbs,

(43)week1 -8lbs

Total weight loss % = 49.83%

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

online diary entry

Week 38 / week 3 RTM

1 more pound lost this week. The weather has been very challenging this last week and I decided to wear a dress on a very rainy day. Big mistake! Got soaked and was freezing. I now take my water-proof trousers, wellies and coat to work so I can do my two daily walks in comfort! Still doing my 40 minutes on the exercise bike most days, but struggled last Saturday as I just felt so lethargic. I have booked a flexi day this Friday so I can enjoy a lovely long weekend and will have the Bank Holiday Monday off work as well. Going to go to the library to borrow some TA / CBT books and enjoy some 'me time'. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do and have found myself staying up late, getting up early and feeling tired.I am working on my time management skills.

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