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Loving this shopping business!

My mum, my kids (both twenty something girls), my sister and I went shopping for frocks for us all for a special posh event in May. I don't remember ever doing anything like this before. In fact, I would have refused even to think about sharing the dreadful experienmce of trying to find something to wear with anyone else before, because nothing in conventional shops would have fitted, anything that did would have looked gross and it would have been the most depressing sort of day I could imagine.

I really had no idea whether I'd find anything yesterday and in fact I was more concerned that the kids did. But to start with we more or less took over one end of the changing room in John Lewis in Newcastle - so sorry to anyone else who was in there! - and between us must have tried everything in the shop - maybe 40 odd frocks anyway. And everything that I took off the rail fitted! Who would have guessed that? I expect that some looked better than others but I haven't yet learned the subtleties of the difference between actually managing to zip things up over my boobs and my bum and whether they look nice. In my previous existence, who cared what they looked like. I'd got it on, hadn't I? And if it fitted, I'd have taken advantage of that and had it in every colour.

And then we went and did the same thing in Fenwicks. In fact we'd have hit Debenhams too but after starting at 10.30, we ran out of time! Bet they were relieved.

So what a revelation! I actually have a choice about what to wear! And I have a choice about whether it looks good or not too! And the frock and jacket I actually settled on is just amazing. And we had a lovely day doing stuff I have never, ever done before. Everyone else chose gorgeous things too so it's just hats, shoes and bags to sort out now for us all. Can't wait for us all to be dressed up on the day. Soooo exciting!

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  1. Thank you!

    Thanks everyone. I'll post some of the official photos after "the day" ! Sue xx
    Posted: 19/04/2012 13:08 By: SueDonym
  2. Oooooo

    Photo needed! What a lovely post and one which I can totally relate to! Unfortunately my bank balance is no longer feeling quite as positive...
    Posted: 16/04/2012 12:22 By: weasey
  3. Fantastic!

    That sounds fabulous Sue, so many new things to experience. Shopaholic in no time x
    Posted: 16/04/2012 08:41 By: kirstylou81
  4. Woweeee!!

    Love this post Sue - can sooooo relate to it!!!!! Can't wait to see the fabulous new you in your "chosen" outfit. xx
    Posted: 16/04/2012 00:05 By: way2big