Posted: 11/01/10

I was a member of Talking LighterLife - do I need to reregister?

It was not possible to move existing usernames and passwords across so you will need to create a new account for yourself - although you can use the same username and password as on the existing forum if you choose. You might prefer to use the same username as - for those of you who use the forum regularly - everyone already knows who you are.

The benefit of setting up a new username and password is that the forum is now linked to the information in the members' area of the website, so you won't need a separate username and password to access additional information about LighterLife.

Setting up an account

Go to: and create an account for yourself on the LighterLife website. Then go to the Member Area off the main website, click on Talking LighterLife and you will be instantly logged in.

I already have a members' account

If you already have access to the Members' Area on LighterLife then simply click on the "Talking LighterLife" button and you will be able to go straight through to the forum and start posting immediately.

If you have any problems accessing Talking LighterLife please email

What about the discussions on the original Talking LighterLife?

Unfortunately we haven't been able to move these over to the new forum. We have started a few of them off again - but please feel free to either start from where you left off, or start completely new threads.