Posted: 29/12/09

Networks information sheet

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What are networks?

Think of a network as being like an online club.  We got feedback from the original Talking LighterLife suggesting that people who had joined specific conversations wanted to create groups, arrange social meetings and share photos – but not necessarily with non-LighterLife clients - and this is what the networks are for.


Who can join a network?

To join a network you will need to be a member of LighterLife and registered on the forum.  Then browse to the network that interests you, and click on “join network”.  All the networks are open networks, which means you can join any network, and as many as you want to.


In order to see a network, or the content in a network, you will need to be a member of that network.


Only LighterLife clients have access to information shared on networks.


How can I start a new network?

To start a new network simply email your request to and we will set up the new network for you. Please remember to include your details so that we can contact you if we need more information.


What can I do on a network?

You can post on the wall…

The wall is a shared space where you can leave messages for others in the network. Only network members will be able to see what you have written, so although any LighterLife client can join you in the network, no non-clients will be able to see what you have written.


You can upload photos…

Got some photos you want to share with your network but not the whole world? Upload them to the network so that your LighterLife network can see and comment.


See who you’re talking to so that you can send a friend request…

All the people participating in the network are listed under the “Members” tab. You can ask a member to be your friend by clicking on their profile picture as listed on the “Members” tab, and then select the option to “Send friend request”.  Once the member has accepted your friend request you will see them listed in your “friends” area.


Create an event for your network…

If you decide to set up a social event and invite all your friends in your network – its easy! Just select the “Event” tab, and then fill in the details.  Everyone who can see the network can then see your event, and will be able to decide whether to join you or not.


Still got questions?

If you’d like to find out more about the networks, or have a question that’s not answered on this information sheet please email and we will try to answer your question.