Posted: 30/12/09

Online diary information sheet

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What are online diaries?

An online diary - or a blog - is a personal diary that you keep online. Its a space where you can write whatever you're thinking, and whatever you're feeling.


LighterLife has an online diary, which is public, where you can read about what LighterLife's up to, or any news that we think might interest you - but your online diary is completely private unless you want to share it.


When you click on "Online diary" on the top navigation bar the first place you arrive is the online diary listing where you will see all the online diaries that you are able to see - including your friends' and your own.


How can I access my own online diary?

Select "Online diaries" from the top navigation tab. On the right hand side you will see a box called My quick links. The link to your personal online diary is listed underneath this.



Who sees my online diary?

There are only two ways for your online diary to be viewed by others, and you have control over both of these.


1. Any online Talking LighterLife friends can read your online diary. But in order for them to be your online friends, you would have had to accept their friend request, or they would have accepted yours. So you know exactly who they are.


2. Everyone can see your online diary if you decide to make your profile public. A public profile means that any information you type about yourself in Talking LighterLife is available to everyone. Read more about public profiles in the About Me Information Sheet.


I can't access my online diary?

To have access to a private online diary you will need to be a member of LighterLife and registered on Talking LighterLife.  If you are a client and you haven't registered yet, simply visit the member area and fill in your details, including the membership number that your Counsellor gave you, and choose a username and password.


As soon as you click "submit" you will be taken to a page with a link "Talking LighterLife". Click on this link and you will be taken straight to Talking LighterLife and you will be able to join in the conversation and start keeping a diary immediately.


How do I start keeping an online diary?


Step 1:

Click on the button "Create online diary"



Choose a name for your blog.


Presentation text...

Presentation text is a description of what you think your online diary will contain: some people include their goals to remind them what they are working towards. Remember your online Talking LighterLife friends will be able to see your diary so describe it in a way that will make sense to you and to your Talking LighterLife friends.


Presentation image...

Select a photo that will represent your online diary - think of it as being like the cover of a book. Click on "browse" and find a photo on your computer that you would like to use.


Then click on "save".


Step 2:

Click on the button "Create entry" to start typing an entry into your new online diary.



Give each entry a title. Think of this as being like the chapter of a book, a reminder of what the content in each part of your online diary is.



Type in the content you want to record. To insert paragraph breaks please type in <p>. So, for example...


I enjoy keeping my online diary.<p>

I wish more people would do this.<p>



If there are any keywords that you think are important type them in the tags box.


Click on the "post" button to put the text you have typed into your online diary.


How can I edit a post?

Find the post that you want to edit and click on the "Edit entry" option. This will allow you to go back into the content and make any changes that you want to. You are the only person who is able to edit or delete your online diary entries.


How can I delete a post?

If you have a post that you want to delete simply click on the "delete" button. A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete the entry. Unfortunately we can't restore entry to you so please make sure you are deleting the entry you want to delete.


Please note: you are the only one who can modify or delete your online diary on Talking LighterLife.


Other people's online diaries

You are able to comment on and rate other online diaries that are available to you, for example any public diaries and your friends' diaries.


Rating your friend's diary entries:

If you read an online diary entry that you enjoy you can give it a rating. On the right hand side, just above the blue button "post comment" you will see a set of rating boxes labelled "your rating". Give the entry a rating out of 5.



Post your thoughts and tell others what you thought of the entry by clicking on the "post comment" button.



Still got questions?

If you’d like to find out more about the photo gallery, or have a question that’s not answered on this information sheet please email and we will try to answer your question.