Posted: 30/12/09

Photo gallery information sheet

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What is the photo gallery for?

The Talking LighterLife photo gallery is where you can share your photos with your online friends.


LighterLife has a photo gallery, which is public, where you will see success stories and news stories - but your photos are completely private unless you want to share them.


When you click on "Photo gallery" on the top navigation bar the first place you arrive is LighterLife's public photo gallery which we described above.


All photo galleries that you are able to see - including your friends' photo galleries and your own photo galleries - are listed on this homepage.


How can I access my own photo gallery?

Select "Photo gallery" from the top navigation tab. On the right hand side you will see a box called My quick links. The link to your personal photo gallery is listed underneath this.



Who sees my photos?

There are only two ways for your photos to be viewed by others, and you have control over both of these.


1. Any online Talking LighterLife friends can see your photos. But in order for them to be your online friends, you would have had to accept their friend request, or they would have accepted yours. So you know exactly who they are.


2. Everyone can see your photos if you decide to make your profile public. A public profile means that any information you type about yourself in Talking LighterLife is available to everyone. Read more about public profiles in the About Me Information Sheet.


I can't access my photo gallery?

To have access to a private photo gallery you will need to be a member of LighterLife and registered on Talking LighterLife.  If you are a client and you haven't registered yet, simply visit the member area and fill in your details, including the membership number that your Counsellor gave you, and choose a username and password.


As soon as you click "submit" you will be taken to a page with a link "Talking LighterLife". Click on this link and you will be taken straight to Talking LighterLife and you will be able to join in the conversation and upload your photos immediately.


How do I upload a photo?

Once you are in "My photo gallery" click on the blue button labelled "New photo gallery".  Please make sure your photo is not bigger than 2 MB otherwise you might have trouble uploading it.


Step 1:


Gallery name...

This will ask you to choose a gallery name, which is like the name of a photo album. If you are uploading photos of your LighterLife journey you could call your gallery "before and after", whereas photos of your holiday would be just that: "Holiday 2010" or something similar.


You can have lots of galleries so don't worry if your photos don't all "fit" together. You can sort them into whatever topics suit you best.


Presentation text...

Presentation text is a description of the photos. Remember your online Talking LighterLife friends will be able to see your photos so describe them in a way that will make sense to you and to your Talking LighterLife friends.



The tags allow you to choose keywords that you think might interest people that they can search on. So, for example, if you put up a photo of a delicious chocolate shake then tag it: "chocolate shake".


Then click on "save".


Step 2:

Click on "upload" to start uploading photos to your new gallery.


Use the "browse" button to access the photos on your computer and select them for uploading to your gallery.


Use Title to give each photo a name, and Tag to give each photo some descriptive keywords.


You can upload up to three photos at one time and then click "Upload". If you want to upload more photos just repeat Step 2.

How can I delete a gallery?

If you have a photo gallery that you want to delete go into "My photo gallery".


Here you will find a listing of your photo galleries. Simply pick the one you want to delete and click on the "delete" button. A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete the gallery. Unfortunately we can't restore galleries to you so please make sure you are deleting the gallery you want to delete.


Please note: you are the only one who can modify or delete your images and photo galleries on Talking LighterLife.



Still got questions?

If you’d like to find out more about the photo gallery, or have a question that’s not answered on this information sheet please email and we will try to answer your question.