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October 2011 Starters

Hi all! yesterday was my first day on LLT - so far so good! Was hoping we can start a thread for all of us October new starters so we can share how things are going and celebrate our progress :) Best of luck to everyone! I'm hoping everybody's first week is going well and can't wait to hear some great results in the coming weeks!

Started: October 2011
@wk1: -4.8kg @wk2: -2kg @wk3: -1.8kg @wk4: -1.1kg @wk5: -1.7kg @wk6: -1.7kg @wk7: -1.1kg @wk8: -1.5kg @wk9: -1.1kg @wk10: -1.4kg @wk11: -1.2kg @wk12&13: -2.6kg
Reached Target: January 2012 - will continue LLT until end of month
Move to RTM: February 2012


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    I began my LL journey in October, before having to leave due to finances in early December. I re-joined in April. Despite coming off the plan in early December, I was still making adult decisions and decided to continue losing weight until I was able to come back on LL. I'd lost around 2 stone from October-December, and lost around another 2 before re-joining in April. I'll keep updating on here if possible - it's great to see where everybody is. :)
    Rach. x

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    Posted: 13/05/2012 15:19 By: LittleMissPipedream
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    Just a pound for me this week, disappointing as it has been slow going the last couple of months but still 5 1/2 stone gone forever. Looking forward to my hols next week and then hoping for a good kick start on my return. Good luck to all. Jill x
    Posted: 13/05/2012 14:47 By: JL1
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    Well, I started October 11th and am now 8 stone 11lb down. I had a meal out last night. I;m not calling it a 'lapse' because it was an adult, concious decision to go out with myhusband for a lovely meal and drinks. I had recogbnised that I was really struggling now with Total and was starting to resent it, which was leading me down the path of thinking the wrong way about food and I could see myself ending up crooked thinking and potentially letting it all go screwy.

    Firstly, they wanted to sit us by a window - I said no, I'd prefer further back, then we were sat in a draft so I asked to move again - never would have been assertive enough to do that previously. After my husband's meal arrived, the waitress said 'You should order that medium rare in future so that you can get the marbling' and I said 'Thanks, that would have been more useful to know when you were taking our order though'. I couldn;t believe I said that!

    So we shared a starter (never would have done that previously) had a small portion of carbs with my protein. Felt full, gave the extra food to husband (it was top notch quality and previously I would have stuffed it) They didn't have the dessert I wanted so I said I would give it a miss (instead of 'settling' for something else I didn;t particularly fancy so I didn't 'go without' as previously). Knife and fork went down between mouthfuls, I chewed, ate slowly - none of the was conscious! I had an amazing evening - and am back on packs today and my head is in such a good place, no guilt, more pride that I have learnt around food and more confidence that I will be able to manage my weight when I reach goal - I am 11lbs off of a healthy BMI, a stone and a bit to my 'goal' and I can do this :)
    Posted: 07/05/2012 20:15 By: eunja
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    1.6lbs off on away for a couple of weeks.keep up the great work...welcome back Stacey...there's nothing like a holiday for a good incentive to shift some weight...good luck xx
    Alison x up to week 20 67.6lbs gone x wk27 4lbs..almost 80lbs gone and moved to RTM. wk28 1.6lbs RTM.wk31 +1lb RTM.
    Posted: 07/05/2012 09:05 By: dodgea
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    Hi ladies!

    I'm back again (see my post on the main board!).

    want to lose 1.5 stones this time to take me to goal... Only have 4.5 weeks though as I am going on holiday. As long as I get close I will be happy.

    Glad to see some of you have stuck with it and are getting so close to your goal. That is amazing!

    take care xxx
    Oct - end Jan2012 lost 53lbs. Back again in Jan 201, after self sabotaging!

    Posted: 07/05/2012 08:41 By: Staceyd
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    2lb gone this week, thankfully, though taking its time it is on the move again. Jill x
    Posted: 06/05/2012 17:17 By: JL1
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    Hi Ladies not been on here for awhile - for the last 2 weeks I have only lost 1 pound each week which is friving me mad - reading some of the posts, do you think it makes a difference just having shakes ? - I shall keep persevering. I am off on our narrowboat for 2 weeks as from the weekend and I am switching to Lite , it worked when I went to Malta in Feb so hoping it will again.
    Posted: 02/05/2012 15:20 By: bargee
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    Hi Ladies....have lost another 4lbs and have now started week 1 of RTM.....the time feels so right and I'm in a really good place ....I will keep watching you're all doing so well...good luck xx
    Alison x up to week 20 67.6lbs gone x wk27 4lbs..almost 80lbs gone and moved to RTM. wk28 1.6lbs RTM.wk31 +1lb RTM.
    Posted: 02/05/2012 14:41 By: dodgea
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    2.6lbs this week....and BMI now 26......
    Alison x up to week 20 67.6lbs gone x wk27 4lbs..almost 80lbs gone and moved to RTM. wk28 1.6lbs RTM.wk31 +1lb RTM.
    Posted: 08/04/2012 18:41 By: dodgea
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    3lb this week, cover the last two weeks though so not that impressed (wasn't well last week). Need to lose another 2st for my holidays.
    Posted: 08/04/2012 15:27 By: JL1