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Sudden repulsion to meals

Hi there, I am a newby in the middle of my second week. Lost 12lbs in first week, so absolutely delighted. Meals were fine and got on ok with the chilli and shepherds pie. However, all of a sudden this week My system has revolted against the evening meals (Shepherds pie and Chilli) even the thought makes be feel illl. Anyone else had the same response. Otherwise second week is ok, hunger pangs few and far between although energy still low as I do manual work and struggle at times.


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    Hi guys - just being nosey in the mens' forum/ :-). I quite enjoy my food packs and bars and have been doing LL for many many months now. I see them as food to enjoy so take time to prepare what I'm going to eat. If it helps any with your taste buds, which incidentally are going to change over time as we detox away on Total. Here's some tips on making up the food packs and how I have my bars, if it helps:

    Shakes. whatever i have i mix it with maximum amount of water. Think the pack say 200ml to 400ml. I use 450ml and use a hand blender to blend it nicely. If its cold i use the shaker but I rarely have anything cold, I prefer hot. When I have the shakes hot I use 450ml hot (leave the kettle to cool a bit) water and add the pack (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or banana) to the water. i stir up a bit with a spoon and then blitz with the hand blender. After a few seconds/minute I get nice smooth blended hot drink. I invariably like to add to the pack for more taste so a spoon of coffee to the chocolate, banana or especially the vanilla pack. if its chocolate i also make up 450ml of peppermint tea (remove tea bag) and add the chocolate pack to that for a minty hot choc. these combinations are also great for on the road. get into your nearest coffee shop and order an extra large black coffee or peppermint tea, and then stir in your shake pack. ok it may not be quite so smooth and you get the odd little lump, but its still a nice way to have your food pack on the go.

    soups - two ways of doing these packs for me. initially i just had them at work for lunch. so i invested in a large oversized mug (holds 450ml) and i put the soup pack in first (any pack they are all nice, minestrone has noodle bits to eat with a spoon, mushroom has lots of mushroom mini slices in, vegetable, asparagus, pea and ham, chicken,). I then add the hot water but only a bot at a time. say a quarter of mug to just cover the powder and stir up to a smooth paste. make sure all powder mixed into paste from round sides of mug. then i add a bit more and stir. do that two or three more times until full. then i leave for five or ten mins. go back to and one last stir and we have a lovely thick and smooth soup. (especially minestrone as the noodles will be nice and soft by then. :-)

    other way i do soup packs is when at home. i'm really into these at moment now for my evening meals. i use 200ml of cold water in a saucepan. i add a few drops of tabasco hot pepper sauce (red liquid one) and freshly ground black pepper (i use organic peppercorns as taste better). then using a wooden spoon i stir in the soup pack. (mushroom and asparagus currently my favourite this way). i use the back of the wooden spoon against the side of the saucepan to press out any powdery lumps. once mixed i turn on the heat and keep stirring until starts to bubble up. I immediately then turn off the heat and pour into dish. result is a lovely thick and smooth soup. quite filling too. :-)

    savoury meal packs - i do the shepherds pie, chilli and pasta carbonara in a saucepan by using 150ml of cold water. (a little more than it says on pack) and stirring the pack in using a wooden spoon, making sure i press out any lumps before turning on the heat. result is not so thick and rich (possibly congealed) look you get when done in a microwave. also it comes out nice and smooth. take it off the heat just as it starts to bubble up. the pasta shapes in the carbonara require about two or three minutes simmering before pouring out into dish so turn the heat back down and stir whilst it simmers. then you get a lovely smooth creamy pasta sauce to go with the softened pasta shapes. pretty sure the microwave and less water (pack says 130ml i think) results in congealed mess.

    porridge pack - i do love my LL porridge breakfasts. Either the pack on its own (plain porridge or apple and cinnamon porridge), or I half and half it with a shake pack, so banana porridge (with either porridge pack), a choc porridge, vanilla porridge or even strawberry porridge (especially nice with the app and cinnamon porridge pack). i use 200ml cold water and the same stir with wooden spoon, get out any lumps, then turn on heat routine. get smooth porridge every time. also used to add teaspoon or less or the water flavourings to get extra taste. dont do that now as rarely buy water flavourings but that also works well in porridge packs.

    Finally the bars. A tip my counsellor gave me way back which i do all the time now. i used to have the bars at lunchtime when i first started LL as convenient. now i have the, as evening snack (last meal before bed). i keep the bars in the fridge to keep them hard. i then put the whole bar on a plate and slice it up thinly with a sharp kitchen knife. makes around 30 to 40 slices. the slices are much nicer to eat as on the few occasions i have had a bar just straight from the pack, I find them too thick and heavy to chew per bite. i prefer the choc nut fudge bar. toffee is ok too. at moment im not so into the cranberry and raisin or the peanut bar.

    so that's me. hope it gives some alternative approaches to enjoying the food packs and bars on Total :-)
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    In week one i love the chilli but by the end of that week i couldn't stomach it. Shepherds pie i was fine till about week4, i'm baack on that now but only once or twice a week. The pasta I love.

    Other than that I have mainly pea and ham soup and choc or vanilla milkshake

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    Yep, its porridge, soup (can only stomach vegetable & minestrone) and bars here.
    Posted: 15/04/2012 20:15 By: Jdean
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    I'm on day 4 and have had this too and think I'll only be able to cope with the soups, though a minestrone had me gagging this evening, shakes and bars (sparingly and they are quite "chewy")... I'm not sure if it's a sub-conscious reaction to the radical change or what, but I've found evenings the hardest when I tend to have a soup and then a chilli or carbonara (both quite rank)... I'm hoping that the group sessions will help address some of this fixation with food and how it can so easily become an obsession...

    It's the start of a life-long journey which starts with one step, then another....
    Posted: 15/04/2012 00:15 By: wiltscub
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    yethink i will have to stick to shakes an bars, i know what you mean the chilli looks like sorry but just couldnt face it.
    Posted: 16/03/2012 21:49 By: jacqui1963
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    Glad your getting there,, :) I found if I left to big a gap between packs I got fatigued and weak, I work constant nights and this was a big worry to start with. All I do now is make sure I have a pack at even intervals, so depending on your day split it into 4. I also had to reign in my coffee consumption, I was feeling really naff, but things have settled as long as I stick to my 1 cup a day, :) Take care, and drink the water, :)
    Hi Everyone,, Isn't this exciting,, :) xxxx
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    Thanks for the reply and well done on the weight loss, wow!! It's good to hear that you have managed to do so well even though you are limited to a number of meals. I have since changed my packs and now rely on the porridge, soups, shakes and bars. I think that these will suffice and have got myself into your mindset of This is only for a small amount of time, let's get the job done. End of second week and still doing ok, some tough days though we're I felt particularly week and tired.
    Posted: 11/03/2012 09:37 By: Jagman1
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    Yup i was exactly the same, even the bars made me gag, lol,, I was saying to myself, this is all your having to eat and your retching,, grin. I have found the simpler the better, I now take only strawberry and Banana. I do have the odd bar and sheperds pie, but I stick with what works. My mantra is its not forever and as long as Im feeling good (which Iam ) and the weight is coming off. Take care. :)
    Hi Everyone,, Isn't this exciting,, :) xxxx
    Posted: 08/03/2012 18:46 By: tealdragon