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Quinoa portion size

Does anyone know what this is in RTM please? I can't see it anywhere in the blue book. It is in the recent mag, but not the amount. That I could see anyway:) Thank you, x

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    Ha, I've tried it now cooked witha veggie stock cube & it was very pleasant - thanks. I just had a couple of tablespoons with my salad. the rest I had the next day as a salad mixed with beetroot, celery, tomatoes etc. & bound witha small amount of home made dressing. I can't think how I have never seen it before. Sue.
    Posted: 02/05/2012 17:33 By: ?Sue
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    ?sSue, it doesn't TBH have it's own flvour beyond 'mild'. But it is lovely once you start lobbing salty things at it, stock, veg broths all sorts. Oooh - has anyone tried to make puds with it??

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    Posted: 24/04/2012 10:30 By: MrsMiniversion
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    When I used it before (when veggie for a decade) it was woefully expensive and hard to find. I love it is in all the shops nowadays. I always did South Asmerican style food with it back then too, but have also discovered how much i love it in Med type food this time round.

    Quick hot standyby meal: boil 75g quinoa in twice amount of water and bouillon as it cooks add mix of veg in order of density to let it all cook through together, courgettes, pepper, aubergine, onion, mushroom, leftover tomatoes whatever is lying around flavour with copious herbes de provence stir through a few olives or even better to my salty taste, a black olive tapenade made with no added oil (Rillettes do one at Ocado) serve with green salad (because my mum gave me four lettuice plants and the rain means they are growing like weeds and I have to have 2 salads a day to keep up!)

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    Posted: 24/04/2012 10:28 By: MrsMiniversion
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    I've eaten quinoa for years, as it's a vegetarian staple. It's one of the few plants that has the complete range of amino acids, so is a good addition to your veggy diet.

    It is a grain but you can treat it like rice or couscous. It has a nutty flavour like brown rice but is probably best cooked with some stock. When you cook it, a little spiral shoot-thing uncoils from the grain and that stays crunchy. It looks a bit like the start of mustard and cress, you might have grown on blotting paper when you were little.

    If you want to try it without buying a lot, you can get a ready cooked version from Merchant Gourmet - most of the supermarkets sell it next to the lentils. I mostly use mine with Mediterranean veg casserole in a tomatoey sauce or add it to lentil casserole. It's good mixed with cooked mushrooms and onions and stuffed in peppers or mushrooms. Definitely worth a try.

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    Posted: 13/04/2012 09:59 By: JoH
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    I couldn't find this in the RTM book but a personal trainer at the gym I go to recommended it to me & said it was really good. I asked a few people in the shops to find it on the shelf with no luck, but that was before I found out it is pronounced Keenwah, I was asking for Quinoa! The nutrition values of it look very good on which is where I look at a lot of things. What does it taste like?
    Posted: 12/04/2012 20:54 By: ?Sue
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    Thanks JoH, very sensible advice. Happy eating JillG:) I'll also ask counsellor tonight, though she didn't know last week.

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    Posted: 12/04/2012 08:13 By: MrsMiniversion
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    thanks for bringing this up. I'm about to start week 7 of the 8 week RTM programme and still no sign of quinoa in the weekly lists of foods. looking forward to trying it out.
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    Posted: 11/04/2012 20:59 By: JillG
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    I couldn't find anything in the LL stuff but found a serving size guide on the web which suggested 'A standard portion size would be 60 - 80g uncooked weight per person.' But my low GI book suggested 50g uncooked. It also said that because it's low GI, portion size is not so critical.

    I think you probably need to cook the larger amount and then stop when you're full. The left-overs are great to add to a salad. I'll keep looking to see if I can see anything more definite.

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    Posted: 11/04/2012 20:02 By: JoH