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How is everyone doing + thin trousers!

Hello everyone, Hope you're all beginning this week with lots of optimism and determination! I have my weigh in on Wednesday and after gaining 1.5lbs last week I want to have lost that and more :D I feel particularly buoyant today because I fit back into my 'thin' trousers that I bought a looong time ago. Feel really good. I'm also a bridesmaid on Saturday and want to feel good in my dress. I have had really, really difficult weeks on LL and really, really good weeks. I think this will be a good week :D xxx


  1. RE: How is everyone doing + thin trousers!

    Well done for fitting into your 'thin' trousers. I have just started LL this week and so far so good. I have lots of 'thin' trousers too that I can't wait to get back into. I bet you'll look fab as a bridesmaid too.
    Posted: 20/04/2012 15:02 By: esc0124