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another disappointing week

again only 1lb whats going on? seriously thinking of joining weightwatchers


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    Lemon juice contaons citric acid and for some people that knocks them out of ketosis.


    Overall Weight Loss On Total and Lite

    Maintenance Level...

    Goals Achieved : off diabetes meds / 1 stone / only obese! / 10% off / wedding ring fits again! / size 22 / 2 stone / weight when I started WW / 25% of the way there / <100lbs to go / 3 stone / size 20 / 50 lbs lost / weigh less than 100kg / weigh less than husband for first time ever! / 4 stone / size 18 / half way there / lightest in adult life (after WW) / 5 stone / weigh < 200 lbs / size 16 / wear knee high boots / 6 stone / only overweight! / size 14 / wear hotel robe / wear knee high boots with jeans tucked in! / 7 stone / 100 lbs lost! / 75% of the way there / In a Karen Millen dress / size 12 / 8 stone / bmi <= 25 / some size 10 / 9 stone / comfortable size 10 / final goal!!! / be able to hold the plank position (feet/elbows) for 30 secs / be able to hold the plank position (feet/elbows) for 45 secs / be able to do a sit up / be able to hold the plank position (feet/elbows) for 1 min / be able to hold the plank position (feet/hands) for 1 min / run at 11 km/hr for 8 intervals of 30 secs each with 30 secs 'rest'

    Goals to Achieve:  to be able to do a sit up without anyone holding my feet or using weights to help / run at 11 km/hr for 8 intervals of 1 min each with 1 min 'rest' / run at 11 km/hr for 8 intervals of 1 min each with 30 secs 'rest'

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    thanks for your post my evening meal is usually protein with salad but the salad does have lemon juicee in it is this a problem?its all low in calories last two weeks have lost only a pound a time total loss in 6 weeks 15lb but i switched from total to lite because i just could not stick to total please help! dont know what to do - find the shakes and stuff really convenient for work - going to weight watchers will really have to plan my food which i just dont have time to do
    Posted: 19/04/2012 13:43 By: Aneesa6
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    Hello Aneesa, I haven't read any of your previous posts.... how long have you been on LLL and how much have you lost altogether? I had a week where I lost 1lb, gained 1lb but then the next week lost 4lbs. The body can sometimes take a while to settle down and get into fat burning mode, everyone's different. Lots of things can affect the weight loss - hormones, stress etc. Also, have you been measuring yourself? Although some weeks I don't always lose as much weight as I would like, the inches are going down consistently so that keeps me motivated. If you're following the plan to the letter, ensuring all your portion sizes don't exceed the guidelines and you're not eating anything you shouldn't (watch for citric acid in tinned tomatoes), you WILL start seeing the weight come off. Keep us posted. xxx
    Posted: 19/04/2012 09:37 By: Beckybunny