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Newbie on Day 2

Hi I am new to all of this but Day 2 and i have been fine except for one thing. I seem to have quite a high temperaature but feel good apart from this - is this a common symptom or just a co-incidence ?


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    Dave - there is nothing bad coming your way. It appears that some people have stronger carb withdrawals than others and many have none at all. This tends to be day 3 and I did have slight symptoms on Day 3. Mild headache and a little light headed but a few paracetamol and i was fine after an hour or two. After that it was a walk in th epark and I am delighted that I have just returned from my first weigh in and lost 10lb in my first week so stick in there please
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    Iam just going onto day 2 and feeling ok , is there anything bad to expect.
    Posted: 25/04/2012 19:30 By: davewneil
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    Thanks Wiltscub Wednesday evening is my first weigh in so I am looking forward to getting the results and updating my tracker. Will keep you posted and thanks for words of support
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    Well done Charlie! I too found day 3 very difficult... Day 12 now and feeling fantastic! Make sure to post back when you've had your first weigh in!

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    Thank you for the reply. I am on Day 4 now and feeling great so must have been a one off and it passed. Day 3 seemed the most challenging with a minor headache and light headedness so must have been carb withdrawal but glad its all good today. Onwards and upwards !!!
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    I don't think it is a symptom. Can't really think of anything. You don't have any genetic disorders of the muscle and no-one in your family has had major problems with general anaesthetic? No? Good! It'll probably be a cold or something like that unfortunately. Hope it goes away soon and keep hydrated!

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    Charlie - I didn't have a temperature - the opposite in fact, by the middle of week one (I'm on day 11) I was feeling the cold a lot. It could be that your body is just adjusting to the diet and everyone's different. Also, are you hydrating enough? Take plenty of small amounts of fluid - including black leaf tea and/or black coffee - I found the water flavourings a god send for this.

    It's the start of a life-long journey which starts with one step, then another....
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