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RTM Details?

Hi, I'm on LLT at the moment, on week 7 so have a fair amount of time to go until I'm on RTM but I keep hearing different things about it. However, I can't find out what RTM really is. LLT is simple, 4 packs a day. LLL is simple, 3 packs and a meal but where can I find out the rules etc for RTM? Please point me in the right direction if you can. Thanks Lx


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    Hey, thanks for that. I can totally see the good in RTM and definitely feel less intimidated by it now, although I realise it might be the hardest part of the plan. I do love LL, it really does understand what we need rather than simply try to 'sell' a diet. I'm so happy I joined :)

    Posted: 22/04/2012 21:16 By: Lorraine601
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    I think everyone who's done RTM will agree that abstinence seems easy by comparison. I don't think RTM is a guarantee you'll stay slim but it gives you a chance to learn how to manage food and your weight. One of the criticisms of diets where you use special foods or total abstinence is that you can't do it forever and will be in danger of going back to old habits when you go back to 'normal' food.

    The time on RTM is your chance to continue your CBT and TA learning but with food in the picture. I found it really helpful and it gave me the opportunity to set my own 'rules' for the future. It opens you up to the old temptations and you can see the differences between your pre and post LL feelings. It also lets you realise where you haven't changed and need to be careful in the future. For me, it's just a silly thing, I still can't resist picking at grated cheese, so I know I don't leave the bowl in my eyeline. If it ends up within reach at the table, I make a point of moving it to the other side of my husband, so I have to reach across him to get it. I know he would never criticise but it just helps me think twice and that's enough.

    Maintaining my weight since January. I feel in control of my eating for the first time in my life and I am fitter, stronger and more active than I have ever been.

    Posted: 22/04/2012 11:14 By: JoH
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    Thanks JoH. You're right it does seem to be a bit of a secret, lol. At group recently it has come up that people who do go through RTM do better at keeping it off. That's not scientific but anecdotal but really makes me want to go through it and give myself the best chance. Lx
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    Hi Lorrraine

    Ahh the deep mystery of RTM! This does seem to be kept very secret but I guess because it's all about the dreaded f word - food. Also, i think there's a feeling that you'll see the temptation of a return to normal eating and end your total journey too soon.

    The main thing you need to know is that it is a period of re-introducing food gradually, in a way that helps you to recognise what might cause you a problem with over-eating, going off plan etc. It's very clearly set out what you have and when and you have more reading and learning throughout RTM. If you're lucky, your counsellor will have a management group that you can join where you'll continue to analyse your relationship with food but you'll be able to talk about specific food triggers.

    RTM still seems to exist in an old style and new style format, depending on your counsellor. Old style is 12 weeks, moving on week by week to introduce a new group of foods. New style is more flexible and you move on when you feel ready - so can take longer or less depending on your feelings. Just keep on going with your journey and all will be revealed - lol.

    Maintaining my weight since January. I feel in control of my eating for the first time in my life and I am fitter, stronger and more active than I have ever been.

    Posted: 21/04/2012 17:41 By: JoH