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Moving from LLT to LLL & a lapse

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Hi all This is my first post, I have been on LLT for 8 weeks and have been planning to move to LLL for a while but I am finally switching on Wednesday with the help of my LLC. I love reading the forums and looking for recipe ideas too so thanks for your guidance.

Unfortunately I had a lapse today (my first and hopefully last) and I tucked into some mini ohso chocolate bars at lunchtime (I could think of worse bars to lapse on!) but still the feeling of guilt afterwards is still with me.

I haven't struggled at all with hunger since I started which is good given the packs all have appetite supressants in them, but I've started cycling quite a lot in the last few weeks (35miles at the weekend) and my appetite has increased in the 2 days afterwards. Today I was famished and munched my way through the bars at work. Now the food could of been a plate of lettuce or biscuits or anything, I was so hungry I had to eat something.

I used a ketone stick tonight to see if the bars had kicked me out of ketosis and they said I was still there, how long would it take to kick me out?

Also if anyone has any useful tips for switching from LLT to LLL they would be appreciated - thank you!

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