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living slim

I am nearly at the end of RTM. It has been a bit up and down but things are starting to settle into a pattern. Anyway, I have just bee skiing. I went on my own as I am single and my friends don't tend to want to go in the school holidays, which as a teacher I have to stick to. I have always been terrified on the slopes but I went out detemined to enjoy my holiday as a thin person and get over my fear. OMG!! I had the best week ever! It snowed every day as well as being sunny. I completed a week of level 1 lessons. I didn't cry, feel sick, panic or get the shakes once. I did everything the instructors asked and even alloed a group from the hotel to help me down from an apres ski bar on a tricky run I'd never done before. It was easy to make friends. My ski instructor invited me to a party, things went on from there ... and we may meet up in the summer!! I just got a message from someone else I met in the hotel that was basically declaring his interest and suggesting meeting up sometime! And, best of all, I chose to eat cake at afternoon tea and couple of galsses at dinner, but refused potato and bread, made healthy meal choices and asked for sauce ont he side etc and when I weighed myself I had pretty much stayed the same! (certainly hadn't put on but my scales are so rubbish I won't know for sure until thursday WI). This is why I did LL! Life slim is amazing!


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    HI Panda, I loved your post. It reminded me of how I felt when I first lost weight on LLT in 2008. I ended up going to work on my own in Egypt (Cairo) for 3 months and taking a week at the end to fly upto Sharm and learn to scuba dive. As much as I love my OH, it also taught me that I could cope on my own very well, ie going on holiday on my own or just trying things. I hope you continue to have as much fun as you did skiiing and never loose the feeling you feel now. Keeley xx
    Posted: 16/06/2012 15:33 By: Keeleym
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    You go Panda! What a great holiday and all that attention! The journey eas so worth it:-)
    Lost 5 1/2 stones over 22 weeks Sep '11- Feb '12. Have gradually regained a couple of stones with long periods of stability inbetween. Returning to get back to normal bmi and continue the whole learning process. There's a lot still to learn. My blog looks more closely at my daily challenges. Warning: specific food talk!
    Posted: 25/04/2012 15:20 By: carnation
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    Oh well done, Sounds like the journey has begun to make sense , well done on the eating and the attention :-) yYOU KNOW YOU'RE WORTH IT ))))) Royx
    (((( THE JOURNEY IS JUST BEAUTIFULL))) WI Thursdays Wk 1 = 10.5lbs Wk 2 = 3lbs Wk 3 = 6lbs Wk 4 = 1.5lbs Wk 5 = 0lbs Wk 6 = 0.5lbs Wk 7 = N/A (XMAS SHOPPING) Wk 8 = 3.5lbs (INC XMAS PLANNED LAPSE) Wk 9 = 0lbs Wk 10 = 1lb Wk 11 = 4.5lbs Wk 12 = 4lbs Wk 13 RTM
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    Thanks everyone! I must admit I am finding it difficult to get my head back into this country and real life after such a great time away. Going skiing thin was something I promised myself when I started my journey and I was a little bit worried that if it didn't go so well I would be disappointed but the 'can do' attitude that I have to life at the moment made all the difference. Where am I off to next?? Well, I hope to move house in a month or so so things are on hold a little bit but my ski instructor was very keen that I go visit him in Italy in the summer and I'm thinking 'Why not?' The way I am looking at it, last year I made a momentous decision to finally get this weight off no matter what it took, and this year is the year to live, to make my life what I want it, to take risks and hopefully find the happiness that I could not find when I was fat.
    Posted: 25/04/2012 09:09 By: panda30
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    Panda I'm so glad you have had a great holiday skiing. It's something I may do myself one day. I love that you faced the challenge and had such a fulfilling time. Well done. ;-)
    Posted: 25/04/2012 07:27 By: dwil
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    Oh Panda - that was the best post EVER! So so pleased for you. So impressed. I loved reading it. Nothing at all stopping you now - you've proved it in spades!


    Lost 9 stones between Sept 11 and July 12 on LLT. Really enjoyed the process and especially enjoyed being thinner - but didn't take a sustained interest in management in the 18 months since then! Now returning to get back to a comfortable weight and take the opportunity to learn how to stay there!

    Posted: 25/04/2012 00:50 By: SueDonym
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    you go girl. sounds like you're on your way to being a man eater, lol. I wouldn't have agreed with the quote 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' in the past, but now I so do. It's incredible what we can do with skinnier bodies. Although I would not fancy skiing, I have been sea kayaking while on RTM and intend getting into horse-riding on a weekly basis. It's all good.
    LL total: 1st Sept 2011 - 28th Feb 2012 - 4 st 10 lb loss :-D RTM: 28th Feb - 25th April - 4 lb loss - 5 stone total loss :-D 25th April - 28th Feb - A gradual weight gain of 6.5 Kg / 1 stone New goal: to lose 4.5 Kg/10lbs Week1: -2lbs, Week2+3: +0.5lbs, Week 4: -1lb Week 5,6 & 7: STS, Week 8-13: +1lb
    Posted: 25/04/2012 00:25 By: JillG
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    Well done Panda - what a triumph!! It sounds like you had a really fun time with lots of great company and a real confidence in yourself. You should be proud of yourself and remember how great this felt and it should keep you on the straight and narrow. Where are you off to next?

    Maintaining my weight since January. I feel in control of my eating for the first time in my life and I am fitter, stronger and more active than I have ever been.

    Posted: 24/04/2012 21:50 By: JoH