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Another benefit...

...I can fit in my car seat properly! Random I know - I have a BMW 120d MSport with sports seats and always found them a little uncomfortable putting it down to teutonic engineering - no!

I don't drive every day as I take the bus/train to work so when I hopped in this evening I immediately noticed that I fitted in the seat better - the side bolsters were not digging into me!!!!!

Thankfully, they are adjustable and at maximum "wide" for now so will look forward to adjusting them as I shrink!

It's the start of a life-long journey which starts with one step, then another....


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    Well done wiltscub. Fantastic" :-)

    I dont have a car myself (no need in London) but when I get in people's cars now it's great to realise that I can fit into the smallest of spaces. So no longer do i get the, oh you might want to sit in the front seat, asked of me. instead i can slip in beside the kids in the back. or if the front t seat is far forward i can still get in comfortably without having to pull the seat back. and if its too far back and im going for the back seat, again i can still get in. it is a great feeling to know how many new benefits LL is bringing to us each day. :-)
    Posted: 25/04/2012 21:39 By: dwil
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    Well done mate, gona get even better and the driving will become more and more pleasureable, Must say your contribution on the forum is awe inspiring , I am sure well appreciated on here, keep up the good work Roy
    (((( THE JOURNEY IS JUST BEAUTIFULL))) WI Thursdays Wk 1 = 10.5lbs Wk 2 = 3lbs Wk 3 = 6lbs Wk 4 = 1.5lbs Wk 5 = 0lbs Wk 6 = 0.5lbs Wk 7 = N/A (XMAS SHOPPING) Wk 8 = 3.5lbs (INC XMAS PLANNED LAPSE) Wk 9 = 0lbs Wk 10 = 1lb Wk 11 = 4.5lbs Wk 12 = 4lbs Wk 13 RTM
    Posted: 25/04/2012 11:14 By: royb2110