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Goals and Treats

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post about a good article in this quarter's magazine to do with non-food treats...

Suggestions include:

A watch

A red-letter day

My own are:

A new watch (I have so many already but not a "very special" one)

An Audi track driving day

A tailor-made suit

A holiday

Some of these I have to save for too so have some "jam-jars" set up so when I get to a goal I can see which one I can use.

What goals do you have?

It's the start of a life-long journey which starts with one step, then another....


  1. RE: Goals and Treats

    Hi jim - like the idea of jeans - I had a pair which cost me a fortune new and have kept for the last 2 years - I got back into them comfortably last week! I'll certainly be looking up new ones online!

    It's the start of a life-long journey which starts with one step, then another....
    Posted: 03/05/2012 22:35 By: wiltscub
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    Strangly mine is jeans. as I've lost weight over the past 9 weeks I have been buying nice jeans on ebay at the smaller sizes I now need. the best part is I only pay a fraction of the normal new price for them so you can afford to only wear them for a couple of weeks and then discard them. so I started my LL plan with a 46" waist and bought my shapless jeans from Asda and Tescos. 2 weeks ago I bought a nice pair of 40" Easy Jeans for 99p 9 weeks on and I am in a 38" waist and have just bought my first pair of Celvin Klien Jeans in my life on ebay for £7.00.
    Posted: 02/05/2012 22:04 By: JimCasey
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    I'm getting married in 4 months - no bigger goal than that as I'd like to be proud of the photos! I'm tempted though to put in another short term goal when I've lost 50lbs, maybe treat myself to an ipad
    Posted: 01/05/2012 15:00 By: Maxpax
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    My biggest treat is goig to be purchasing myself a track car, as i can now fit into my racing overalls, so im really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a race car very soon.
    Posted: 28/04/2012 17:37 By: bobbywarne1983
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    I've definitely got my eye on a tailor made suit but this is a reward for maintaining target weight for 6 months. (I will be coming up to job interviews around that time I estimate)

    More short term are some new clothes (at the limits of my slimmest ones currently)

    A pull up bar to fix in a doorway

    Super-dooper weighing scales that include fat and muscle percentages so I can keep a very tight eye when I come into maintenance.

    Exercise resistance band perhaps for more types of exercise.

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    Management Phase 1 12/6/12 after 5 months of LLT. Having a great time and enjoying the fruits of all the hard work.

    Posted: 28/04/2012 10:15 By: drspikes
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    Wiltsclub Great ideas - I decided to put £10 away for every 1lb I lose. (should have done my research better as didnt realise how much we lose in week 1 so cost me £100) but when i hit target weight this will give over £500 and and I am buying a new slimline designer suit and will wear it with pride.
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