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RTM on vacation dilemma

Hello RTMers, I feel like I'm straying into forbidden territory here, as RTM is actually a while off for me. But maybe you'll still be willing to dispense some advice...

I'm currently on LLT for the third a repeat offender and I have done the old version of RTM at least once before...although that was a while ago. It's been three and a half months since the re-start now and I've lost about 5 and a half stone so far. At this rate, I reckon I will be on total until mid June to reach my goal. In my previous attempts at LL, as in this one, it has never been abstinence that has been the problem. I have no issues with lapsing and did pretty well in RTM as's usually afterwards that things go pear shaped.

Now, here's my dilemma. Current target date for move to RTM: June 20th. Departure for super duper 5-day holiday on an Italian island with my family and friends: July 10th. Can you see where this is going? My family is paying for me and my bf to stay in a 5 star hotel with them for 5 days to celebrate my mom's birthday. My family is half Italian and the idea of my being on a diet that consists of food replacements has never sat right with them, although they have accepted it and have been supportive...from afar. When we planned this trip, they did say..."you won't be on your powder anymore, will you?", and without thinking I said no, of course not....I'll be done by then. Well, I should have calculated better. So even though I know I have to make my own adult decisions about what does or doesn't go into my mouth, I think this situation would make me feel well weird. Sitting at the table with everyone and having shakes? Oh dear....not to mention that the shakes don't agree with me....but I very much doubt that the hotel staff will let me into their kitchen to rustle up a LL carbonara.

So, yeah, I know. Total first world problem. But I wonder...what would you do? Try to stick to the plan, even if there is a good chance that that might make you feel alienated and grumpy. Try to eat regular food but make ketosis-friendly choices in very small portions? Not go on the trip? I'm not even going to list old school pigging out as an option because that is a road I'll definitely avoid.

Discussing this with my bf earlier made me really grumpy because he is naturally skinny and watching my progress with great interest....he won't stand for me going mental with food again. But at the same time, can there not be an adult way of coping with this and enjoying myself a little bit? By that point, it will be 5 days in Italy after 5 months of LLT. Thoughts, please.... Cheers muchly, Gaia

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    Yes, while I greatly enjoy talking to myself...I was interested in how YOU would handle it if faced with this situation. Sometimes it's a question of not seeing the forest for all the trees, I find. Thanks everyone for your responses. I feel a lot more positive about it all now.

    Repeat offender extraordinaire. Rows like a girl. Probably also punches like a girl. Is not about to give up. Boom!

    LLT Week #1: -13 lbs LLT Week #2: -4.5 lbs LLT Week #3: -4.5 lbs LLT Week #4: -4.0 lbs LLT Week #5: -2.5 lbs LLT Week #6: Holiday LLT Week #7: +0.5 lbs LLT Week #8: -6 lbs

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    I would look at your own responses to others to look for your answer, Gaia.
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    Eminantly do-able as long as you don't fall into the trap of all-or-nothing mentality. As someone else said, you'll be well into RTM by then. Possibly on two meals a day plus a couple of packs. So for main family mealtimes (say lUnch and dinner or breakfast and dinner you can make sensible choices and eat the packs whenever. And you explain firmly that it's really really important to do this transitional phase carefully to prevent regain. And then really enjoy fish and neat and green veggies and salads and decent coffee... Which is effectively the way I've realized I have to choose to eat for the rest of my life regardless of what week RTM I was on. The golden rule is to stick to a ketogenic diet whatever you have and then you are unlikely to gain a single pound leaving your head firmly in the right space for when you get back. It's a wonderful chance to start practicing real life on great food and looked at in the right can-do frame of mind you will have a fabulous holiday!
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    The way I see it you have some choices to make. Last year I was about 8lb's off my target & due to go away. We were self catering but like to go out as well. If I stayed on total I could not go out to a resaurant so my other half couldn't either. My councellor said I could stay on total & start RTM as I went away or go on LL lite. I chose LL Lite so I could have one meal of protein & salad every day. This meant I could eat out but I didn't have any alcohol, just lots of water & a lot of lovely fresh black cofee. I went prepared with packs which is most important & if we were going to be out all day I had a liquid pack for breakfast, soup in my case as I never ever had a shake as I don't care for sweet things, & took a peanut bar out with me. then I was free to have a protein & salad meal in the evening. If we were in during the day I had the bar for breakfast & the soup for lunch. I actually continued to lose weight on holiday, not a lot but enough. When I lost the other half stone I then went on RTM but as I was already on LL Lite, RTM was just four weeks. The most important thing to me was to be prepared for any eventuality so I didn't get stressed, that way I kept calm & to the plan. Have a lovely holiday & make the most of a 5 star hotel & it's menu by having a lovely meal once a day but within your plan. If what's on the menu is not to your taste & plan then ask them for something that is & is to your liking, then relax.
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    Hello Gaia

    I know why you're anxious but I feel you have to treat RTM as part of the planning for the rest of your life. I think going on your fantastic trip with some rules in place is an ideal way to learn how you're going to deal with special occasions and holidays in the future.

    As Danni says, the Italian fresh food is wonderful and full of flavour, so you should easily be able to make choices that are not too far off plan. You could make breakfast in your room with your packs and there's bound to be times when you are not all together for a meal, so you can have a pack then.

    For the meals that you are sharing, I think you can stick to salads and protein, avoid the pastas and risotti and definitely avoid the dessert. You can also stick to mineral water and avoid the snacks and gelati between meals. You may not be able to stick to RTM 100% but you have to make the clear promise to yourself that you'll pick up the plan as soon as you get back - no last indulgent meal and no excuses to yourself why you shouldn't start today. This is really about testing your adult head and making intelligent choices which is really the way forward, for ever.

    Have a great time.

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    Hello Gaia

    I know exactly where you're coming from, in hindsight, LLT was an absolute doddle, & RTM wasn't too bad either, but trying to maintain it afterwards seems to be a never ending struggle! Good on you for coming back and doing it again though!

    In regards to your holiday, you absolutely must go on it, don't even think about not going, it sounds brilliant! Food wise through, I reckon you'll be OK. If you're hoping to start RTM mid June, then by July 10th you should have quite a few RTM allowed foods like meat & salads etc. You can do the shakes/bars during the day, and then have a nice healthy salad when you're out in the evenings with your family, I definitely reckon it's do-able. I know italians are famed for their pizza & pasta, but their salads can be to die for, so you'll definitely be fine!

    Good Luck! x
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