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Weight loss without bars

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Hi all, Having spent weeks doing 7 soups, 7 bars, 7 shakes and 7 porridges per week, and losing 2-3lb per week, I decided to experiment with fewer bars and porridges and have increased the soups and shakes to see if this would make a difference to the weight loss. And (for me) it does! Last week (which was my 'star' week and usually has a lower loss) I had two bars in total and lost 3.6lb. This week (post 'star' week which is usually good) I had one bar and lost 6.6lb. This is the second biggest weight loss I've had since the first week, and I haven't changed anything else - no extra exercise, etc. I'm going to stick to having fewer bars I think, for the time being at least! Good luck this week everyone xxx

Wk1=10.6, wk2=5.6, wk3=2.5, wk4=7, wk5=4, wk6=2.4, wk7=3, wk8=5, wk9=2.9, wk10=3.4, wk11=2.4, wk12=3.6, wk13=6.6, wk14=1, wk15=4.8, wk16=2, wk17=6, wk18=Holiday - No WI, wk19=2.8, wk20=6, wk21=3.4, wk22=2.5, wk23=STS, wk24=6.8, wk25=1.8, wk26=4.2, wk27=2.4, wks28-29=Holiday - No WI, wk30=8.4


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    hiya - i mix my packs up completely (various types and flavours) and have a bar every day. i glad that for this plan i dont need to have to think about the content of the packs and bars. i just take what lighter life say that they are ok to have three packs and one bar or four packs a day. sticking to that is ok for me. i do think mixing up the variety helps but that may be more to do with my motivation and enjoyment so that boredom doesnt set in. im a varied kinda girl. too much sameness would bore me and not having a bar a day i would see as heresy! lol whatever way you want to enjoy the plan, as long a you stick to the basic protocols you will be ok. :-)
    Posted: 02/05/2012 22:09 By: dwil
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    hi I have been having a mixture of everything including pasta carbonara, shepherds pie, bars etc and lost every week without fail (min 6pounds) I think keep up the water intake and try to be active alongside these food packs and you should still loose. Although I imagine it can be different with different people!? Im no dietician - maybe speak to your counsellor about this?
    Posted: 02/05/2012 20:49 By: DonnaArmstrong
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    It is 100% truth!
    Started at 18.1st. Wk1: -8, Wk2: -6, Wk3: -2, Wk4: -5, Wk6: +9 (funeral set back), Wk7: -9 (Took back control), Wk8: -4 1st11lbs loss. 16.0! 6st to go!
    Posted: 02/05/2012 20:46 By: rivkah
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    I don't believe in all of that. I have Carbonara once almost every day and a bar every day. Some weeks I lose more, some weeks I lose less...c'est la vie. Same with exercise, really. I can lounge around for a week or work out every may or may not speed things up. I have given up being too obsessive about the speed at which it goes. It still goes quicker than on any other programme. I'll get to goal when I get to goal.

    Repeat offender extraordinaire. Rows like a girl. Probably also punches like a girl. Is not about to give up. Boom!

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    Posted: 02/05/2012 20:29 By: Gaia
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    ONE (1) POUND!!!????!! Seriously? As this was my first week with carbonara added, this week I'm eliminating it! Shakes only. I'm wondering if my body just happens to be super sensitive? Whatever it is, a week of shakes it is. Watch this space.
    Started at 18.1st. Wk1: -8, Wk2: -6, Wk3: -2, Wk4: -5, Wk6: +9 (funeral set back), Wk7: -9 (Took back control), Wk8: -4 1st11lbs loss. 16.0! 6st to go!
    Posted: 02/05/2012 20:26 By: rivkah
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    I've gone a week having choc shakes instead of carbonara this week - i will let you know how it goes, but giving up the choc bars scares the life out of me! They do definitely cause windypops though!
    Posted: 02/05/2012 20:13 By: LizLemon
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    Funnily enough I've also gone for a bar free week. This could be challenging as I love them but on another thread I saw someone had relief from the gurgling tummy and noxious wind so am giving it a go. I will see what my loss is with interest.
    Posted: 02/05/2012 19:34 By: Catzmum
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    Yes, agree about changing the routine and pattern. It seems to be when I change the times and juggle things around that I get a bit of a boost in weight loss. Have to say that that improvement balances back out again in future weeks though!

    Sue xx

    Lost 9 stones between Sept 11 and July 12 on LLT. Really enjoyed the process and especially enjoyed being thinner - but didn't take a sustained interest in management in the 18 months since then! Now returning to get back to a comfortable weight and take the opportunity to learn how to stay there!

    Posted: 02/05/2012 15:12 By: SueDonym
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    It may have more to do with shaking up the routine than anything else. Having said that I am sitting here having a soup for my lunch instead of my normal bar just in case. I would love to loose 4 pounds this week as it would take me to 5 stone and my half way point. Anything that will help with this will be tried!!

    Started 14th January 2012, this will be some journey as I have half my body weight to loose.

    Next challenge is to get to overweight by my birthday on 30th August

    Update : Milestone reached with two weeks to spare and I am filled with joy.

    Next challenge is to be in the twelve stone bracket by 15th September.

    Update : Milestone reached, now 12st something!

    Next challenge I think may be to reach goal but instead I will give myself 4 weeks to get to the 11st range, one step at a time!

    Posted: 02/05/2012 14:40 By: edinburghallie
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    I had more one bar's last week and lost 6lb, despite dropping the exercise a little. I think it is going to take more than one anecdote. My idea is that eat what is going to work for you and you like and you will get there eventually but perhaps more hapier!

    Started Lighter Life 10/1/12. Although there were ups and downs, I stayed the course and pushed through into...

    Management Phase 1 12/6/12 after 5 months of LLT. Having a great time and enjoying the fruits of all the hard work.

    Posted: 02/05/2012 14:19 By: drspikes