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Feeling a bit disheartened

Hi all, I have had a bad week this week. No excuses, I have had no special event, and it wasn't a 'planned failure'. It almost feels like I've been subconsciously (maybe a little bit consciously too) going on a self-sabotage mission, but I cannot figure out why. I am a bit stressed at the moment and am having to make a few big life choices, but I don't see how that has made me eat excessively. I've actually sought out the worst foods I could possibly eat. I've really been enjoying LLL so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm really disappointed in myself. I know I need to get back on the waggon, remember why I started doing this in the first place and just get a grip, but I could really, really do with a few words of encouragement. On a positive note, it is now 1.50pm and I have stuck to LL today so I am determined to break my negative week.


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    Stress is an eating trigger for many of us. It's a comfort thing. Have something to eat to cheer yourself up. Of course it is self defeating - we eat something to cheer ourselves up but then as well as the original stress (which we haven't done anything about) we also add feeling bad about the fact that we have gine off plan. Then we want to eat more to comfort ourselves... The important thing is to understand that it is a coping mechanism and that you need to find other cooing mechanisms for your stress. How about exercise/hot bath/talking to a friend/addressing the issue which is stressing you? This is a really good think to be learning and will help you to keep the weight off at the end.


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