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Way2Big no more

Hi Chris, Just catching up after not logging on for about 10 days. I think you must be around or within your very last half stone by now. Congratulations & good luck though I am sure you don't need it with your motivation though. You have worked so hard & now you are nearly reaching management. What a fabulous & thoroughly deserved acheivment. I would just like to say how much you motivation & positive messages on this LL Total forum have helped myself &, I suspect, many others too. I look forward to seeing you on the Management forum. Are you going to change your handle i.e. no longer Way2Big!


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    Hi Chris I have followed your weight loss as its so inspiring and just want to say a massive well done on your achievement!!! I have lost 44lbs so far and already have had the comments you referred to. It is hard to not get complacent when you can fit in clothes 3 sizes smaller and recieve compliments from people,but when i read posts like yours it keeps me going.Good luck on your last 9lbs! are there any before photos of you in the gallery. Lynn
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    Yes Sue, I'm definitely still around and thanks for those very kind words. I've got another 9 lbs to go till my target weight loss of 10 stones and this last half a stone is by far the bloody hardest!!! So a word of warning to everyone, don't get sucked into "you look good now" or "you don't need to lose anymore weight" or "you look fine as you are" - this leads to complacency and slows down weight loss. I should have been at target weeks ago, but hey ho, it's not a race and for once in my life, I KNOW I am going to make it, unlike all the other yo-yo diet attempts when I just lost a couple of stones, then gave up.

    As for a name change, I think I'll leave it as Way2big as this will always serve as a reminder of where I've come from and I DEFINITELY don't want to return there!!! lol Chris x

    Hi, I'm Chris and I have my own catering business in Wickford, Essex. I started on 18th June 2011. Wk1 -18.7l lb (sorry gotta leave this one on!) 5 stones gone but want to lose another 5!!!

    DONE IT - REACHED TARGET WEIGHT - waheeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!