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LighterLife's Own Recipe Book

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Hi, I have just been reading the January 2008 LighterLife magazine and the recipes have been taken from the LighterLife's own recipe book. Rather than keep cutting out all the individual recipes from all the old mags - I would like a copy of the cook book so that all my LL recipes are in one place (and in order!). Does any one own a copy of this? If they do could I they let me have an ISBN number to search for it - only I can not find this on the internet! Many thanks


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    Yes, on RTM you get a small recipe book for weeks 1 to 4 then another from weeks 5 to 8 and I will be getting the last one tonight for weeks 9 to 12. I haven't heard of a specific LL recipe book other than these, but you could always e-mail LL and ask then about it. Christine.x

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    I think you get the recipe book as part of Route to Management, but not sure.

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