14.1 stone 10.9 stone

14.1 stone 10.9 stone

14.1 stone 10.9 stone

5 h, 36 m ago
By: cjbest88

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  1. You look amazing and starting at the same weight as you....and wanting to be 10 stone....how long did it take you if you don't mind me asking x
    Posted: 20 h, 8 m ago By: dondon42
  2. Wow, you look really amazing. Well done with sticking to the program. You're very much an inspiration to those of us just at the beginning!
    Posted: 8 h, 27 m ago By: purplepengy
  3. wow, well done you, you look amazing x
    Posted: 16 h, 43 m ago By: sgenes
  4. Just wow......you look so beautiful! Well done!!!!!xxx
    Posted: 9 h, 58 m ago By: lorna14
  5. WOW you look amazing!! Well done :)
    Posted: 16 h, 15 m ago By: Preeti77
  6. Aww ladies!! Thank you so much for your comments - I didn't think anyone would post on it!

    I feel so honoured to be an inspiration to you all, if I can do it so can you!!

    I brought a pair of size 10 jeans from Topshop today, an AMAZING feeling!

    Still don't quite believe that's me, I keep looking at this blurry photo to remind me that is it! Thank you for your positive feedback, I very much look forward to adding the third photo to this at my goal weight!!

    Good Luck on your journey ladies!! xxx

    Posted: 6 h, 19 m ago By: cjbest88