F. 8 stone 4 lost :)

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F. 8 stone 4 lost :)

F. 8 stone 4 lost :)

19 h, 12 m ago
By: alicia864

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  1. Wow!! You look fantastic. Such an inspiration! Well done on your amazing loss :-) xx
    Posted: 17 h, 52 m ago By: faTrumper
  2. Hiya

    You are looking fantastic, you need to put your new denim skirt on for your next pic........show those legs haha.

    See you Wednesday x
    Posted: 21 h, 32 m ago By: Mrs Mossy
  3. You look absolutely fantastic, you've done sooo well!! Thanks for posting these pictures, it's such an inspiration! Katie :-)
    Posted: 12 h, 27 m ago By: HappyKatieA
  4. Thanks :) Weasey... Yeah it has happened a few times! One friend who I am quite close to just walked passed me in the street! Well done on your weight loss... It's amazing ain't it! One thing I noticed was that you have moved onto lite! I am really struggling at the moment as just seem to be getting so hungry and was thinking of moving to lite! Can I ask when you moved and if u have found it any easier since? Xxx
    Posted: 14 h, 15 m ago By: alicia864
  5. What fantastic pictures! We have lost almost exactly the same amount of weight. Do you have people who don't recognise you?
    Posted: 17 h, 34 m ago By: weasey
  6. Wow - what a transformation! Well done you - you look amazing x
    Posted: 17 h, 41 m ago By: Rose2012