Andrea appears on tv - January 2010

Andrea lost 6 stone to give her son the gift of life for a second time, and donated a kidney to him. Watch their tv interview.
Uploaded: Jan 07, 2010
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  1. Wow how inspiring! I'm just on week one and I feel really encouraged by Andreas hard work!
    Posted: 22 h, 56 m ago By: Gillian Johnson
  2. wow what a heart warming story.Good luck for a wonderful life ahead to you all
    Posted: 2 h, 3 m ago By: jacqui1963
  3. What an amazing story! And what an amazing mother! I'm in tears here! xxx
    Posted: 23 h, 11 m ago By: Gaynz
  4. Wow what a story. Well done Andrea. I hope you're both feeling much better.
    Posted: 20 h, 37 m ago By: Kimling